Why DropTrack?

By April 20, 2014August 8th, 2020Blog

One of the biggest challenges faced by most independent record labels, artists, and managers is sending and managing digital promo campaigns.

How do you send your music now?

Maybe you attach MP3s to an email.

People hate this because it clogs up their inbox.

Plus, it’s inefficient and you can maybe fit only one mp3!

You already knew this.

Instead, maybe you send your music using a file transfer service like SendThisFIle, YouSendIt, or WeTransfer.

These services, while great for some things,

are not well-suited for music.

There’s no way to preview music before downloading, and transfers frequently end up in SPAM!


Great, but now you’re saying:

Ok, but I upload my music to Soundcloud, and then send out links to private tracks.

Nice! It sounds like you’re ahead of the curve… but you’re still missing out:

  • For example, what if you want to require that a user give feedback on a track before they download it?
  • Or what if you wanted to provide downloads of MP3 and WAV versions of the same track?
  • Or a bundle of multiple tracks combined together with album art and a press release?
  • And what if you wanted to know who listened to your music, where, and when?

DropTrack can do all of this, plus more!

The best feature DropTrack offers is its commitment to continuous development and new features based on user feedback.