Today’s Winning Trends in Music Marketing – What to Know

By June 22, 2020Blog

Though new forms of technology are giving independent artists and record labels a larger platform to be heard, the competition is also on a steady rise. Social media platforms are crawling with millions of users, which can make music promotion incredibly difficult. However, some trends have proven successful. When riding the changes of busy markets, consider these trends and innovations that may get your music to stand out.

Touring vs. Streaming

With the rise of streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music, record selling is becoming obsolete. Nonetheless, streaming is also changing the way artists tour and perform. As opposed to massive stadium concerts, artists are now appealing to secondary and third-level markets in smaller spaces to remove the costs of band promotion. These “mini-concerts” such as Tiny Desk or Radio 1 Sessions are now more sustainable than ever for artists who would rather connect and build relationships with audiences instead of selling to them.

Vinyl Sales

As does history, trends tend to repeat themselves over time, and a common one we’re seeing now is the use of vinyl players and sale of vinyl records. No, they aren’t just for “hipsters” anymore. In fact, vinyl records outsold CDs in 2019 for the first time since 1986, earning roughly $500 million in sales. Today, vinyl records would be considered mainstream and are helping the major decline in record sales to recover by opening up pressing plants.

Unexpected Partnerships

Once limited to dive bars and back rooms, artists are now becoming more adventurous about where they perform. Nowadays, they’re engaging in unlikely partnerships with yoga studios and even fitness gyms, playing at “stages” on race tracks, county fairs, restaurants, and nonprofit events.

Empowering Platforms and Products

Putting a record together can be an incredibly expensive process. With the rise of platforms such as Splice, musicians can obtain access to hundreds of royalty-free stems and samples to create their own music. Better yet, Splice will compensate artists who have achieved a certain number of downloads.

More important than making sales or growing in followers, artists are prioritizing getting to know their listeners and customers. Platforms such as SuperPhone allow artists to message their listeners directly, whether to announce the release of a new album, inviting them to a local show, or simply having a quick chat.


Though the music industry is constantly evolving, some trends have proven that they may be here to stay. In this case, it may not be too bad of an idea to hop on the bandwagon instead of focusing all your efforts towards finding unique ways to stand out.

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