Here are some of the best resources for music production:


music production resources, Music Production Resources

Join over a million musicians using Splice to find sounds, get gear, and connect with one another. Preview and download millions of sounds from top producers, artists, and sound designers. Try professional plugins on Rent-to-Own for free, then pay them off, starting at $4.99/mo. Back up your work in the cloud with unlimited free storage, and add artists to collaborate. Enter contests, discover projects, and connect with over a million musicians around the world.

music production resources, Music Production Resources  music production resources, Music Production Resources

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music production resources, Music Production Resources

HookSounds offers quality, curated royalty-free music. Regular stock music sounds very generic and uninspired and this is why online content producers are now looking for modern, stylish and distinctive music which HookSounds strives to provide. In addition to this, the HookSounds platform strongly advocates for equality, respect and fair distribution of profits. All these qualities have made HookSounds the best stock-music community in the world.

Their royalty-free music is well-curated and in order to maintain high standards, they only pick the most skilled musicians who apply to join their community. They believe that the combination of fair pay and methodical curation results in a high-quality end product.

It is important to note that all the music on their site is exclusive. This means that you won’t find HookSounds music anywhere else.

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Prime Loops

music production resources, Music Production Resources

Prime Loops specialize in providing strictly unique collections of audio samples & more for music producers. All our sample packages are available for instant download from our website and are 100% royalty free.

Whichever software you’re using to make music.. they have something for you. You can browse all the available products for your software very easily on this site.

Aside from audio loops & samples, they also have a unique range of presets for synths such as Massive, Sylenth1, Serum. We also stock MIDI files, DAW Templates, Project Kits for Maschine, and so much more..

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music production resources, Music Production Resources

Loopcloud gives you the tools to sound like you, and no one else. You’re a trailblazer, fiercely authentic and unapologetically original – the way a musician should be. Writer’s block is dead – long live inspiration.

Access millions of samples
Audition samples from the entire Loopmasters exclusive sounds catalogue: the biggest library in the world. Our intuitive website lets you preview over 3.5 Million unique samples from your desktop, app or tablet. But most importantly, search for sounds whilst you create. The music never has to stop.

music production resources, Music Production Resources

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music production resources, Music Production Resources

Loopmasters is the number one website dedicated to providing 100% Royalty Free Sample Libraries for Producers Worldwide from the best Sample Labels on the Planet. Search, Audition, Download and Buy Samples and Loops with confidence, and use the inspiration supplied from some of the worlds Top Djs and Producers to take your music production to the next level!

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Modern Producers

music production resources, Music Production Resources

The mission of Modern Producers is to provide the best tools for the modern music producer. They offer high-quality sounds, kits, loops, presets, vocals & VSTs as well as sharing knowledge and music related accessories to help you craft your next masterpiece.

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We Make Dance Music

music production resources, Music Production Resources

We Make Dance Music is an internationally established community of passionate Producers and Labels known for our high quality music production tools. They pioneered the DAW Templates offering now 1974 Ableton Templates, 1279 Logic Templates, 708 FL Studio Templates & 146 Cubase Templates. We also house one of the largest libraries of sample packs, loops and MIDI files featuring 1875 items. In addition to this, they offer Royalty Free Music that can be licensed in one click and used in any media instantly. You can access all of their catalog from anywhere at any time. And if you’re looking to improve your current projects, they offer affordable and quality music production services in the DAW and the genre of your choice.

music production resources, Music Production Resources

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music production resources, Music Production Resources

The Largest Collection of Free Music Production Tools On the Web. With SoundShockAudio, you’ll never waste time searching for the perfect sound or production tool again. SoundShockAudio has everything from VST Plugins, Sample Packs, DAW Templates, Synth Preset, Kontakt Instruments, and Music Apps. The free tools available in their library are of the highest quality and even rival paid tools.

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