DropTrack is for Record Labels

Do you get a headache trying to keep track of demos and digital promos?

With DropTrack, you can streamline A&R and manage all of your music in one place.

Professional Promos

Send elegant digital promotions, complete with your logo and personalized branding. STOP clogging inboxes with MP3 attachments, and STOP sending sketchy Zippyshare or Mediafire links.

Collect Feedback

What do people really think of your music? Listeners can indicate their support, rate your tracks, and leave a comment. You can optionally require them to leave feedback before allowing them to download your music.

Rich Analytics

Who listened to your music, who downloaded it, how many times, and when? Now you will know, with DropTrack’s real-time analytics and reporting engine.

What Can DropTrack Do For You?

Digital Promos

DropTrack is a new way of distributing professional music promos. Add your music and then share it with your industry contacts.

Receive Demos

Set up a branded demo submission page and then consolidate your A&R process into one easy-to-use interface. You can favorite and archive tracks, and you’ll always receive the sender’s full contact information.

Send Music To Radio

DropTrack makes it easy to send your new tunes to your favorite radio DJs and get support from their radio and mix shows.

Mailing List

You can use DropTrack as a replacement for your mailing list or fan club. You can send new and exclusive tracks to your most loyal followers.

Social Media

You can share your music anywhere you can paste a secret link. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit are just a few places you can share your music. You’ll be able to tell where your listeners are, when they listened, and you can watch your music spread virally in real-time.

Send Demos

Use DropTrack to send your unsigned tracks to record label A&R contacts. They’ll appreciate the clean interface and ease of use, and you’ll be able to keep track of who listened to what, where and when.

Send Music To Blogs

Want your new release featured on your favorite music blogs? Use DropTrack to send bloggers your new music, along with album artwork, photos, and a press release.

Send Music to DJs

Use DropTrack to send your tracks to the biggest international DJs. They can download your music in the high-quality WAV format they need for club sound systems, and you’ll receive their feedback and support in real-time.

Ready to share your music? Get Started Now

Personalized Promo Links

Streaming Track Previews

Password Protection

Download PDF Reports

Demo Uploader

Import from Soundcloud

Save tracks to Dropbox

MP3, AIF, and WAV Downloads

Require Feedback Before Download

Real-Time Feedback Notifications

Campaign Expiration Dates

Embed and Share Tracks

Customized Promo Emails

Attach Album Art and Release Notes

Import Contacts from Excel

Bundle ZIP Files

Embed Signup Forms

100% Responsive

Who is using DropTrack?

Emails Delivered
Tracks Uploaded
Industry Contacts

My track was placed in radio playlists, and reached Top 3 on French radio after sending out as a promo with DropTrack


My song was placed in a TV show after sending it to a music supervisor on DropTrack

Gianluca Fregonese

With DropTrack I deliver my new tracks to big dj's who can play them on radio-shows

Gordey Tsukanov

The thing I really like with DropTrack is the possibility to put personal names in emails. Also it's quite simple to use

Dino, Submarine Vibes

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