DropTrack is for Radio Stations

Listen to all your music submissions in one place
Stop wading through mp3 attachments and questionable links. With DropTrack, you can manage all your music submissions in one place and get paid for listening!
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Be the first to hear the hottest new artists with DropTrack
Discover hot new tracks first with DropTrack. Receive music submissions from artists and genres you love, stay on top of trends, and help break the next big thing. You can even get paid for listening and providing feedback too!
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Are you a Radio Station?

Radio Stations use DropTrack to receive music submissions from the hottest new artists, simplify their inbox, and even get paid for listening!
Get Listed in the
DropTrack Directory
The DropTrack directory is where independent musicians and record labels discover the best opportunities for their music.
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If I had a nickel for every promo I’ve listened to…
You’re already listening to music submissions, now you can get paid for it.
Unlock a new revenue stream!
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The quality of your submissions will improve; you can filter by those who believe in their music enough to put money behind it.

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You can name your own price. $1, $20; the price is up to you.

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This feature is completely optional. You can still use DropTrack to receive music submissions, completely free.

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