Music Marketing 101: 4 Tips for the Aspiring Musician to Remember

By May 4, 2020May 25th, 2020Blog

Music marketing is a highly underrated part of the process of being a professional musician. The most basic starting point of your music career would lie in your instruments and a little bit of talent, but without proper music promotion, it won’t get very far.

Spending a bit of your already limited budget on music marketing can be a risk for many, but knowing a bit about where to start can maximize the money you’re already shelling out. By pouring your efforts into independent music promotion, you won’t only utilize cost-effective methods to get your music heard—you’ll also be able to set-up your music career for the long term.

To help you get started on your road to a successful music career, here are four music marketing tips all aspiring musicians should take note of.

Start Simple; Start Now

A lot of musicians believe that they’ll “get a break” in their music career only if they can produce a good album. Talent, while definitely important, can only get you so far—to properly utilize it, you have to capture as big an audience as possible.

Music marketing doesn’t have to start with a big step like getting the backing of a record label company; you can start as simple as establishing an online presence. While definitely a “small” beginner gesture, this is one of the most basic starting points that you can utilize later on as a cost-effective way of keeping in contact with your growing audience base.

Protect Your Brand

Your music is your brand; everything you do, even backstage, will reflect on your brand. You have to keep pouring your 100% effort if you want to make it successfully, which doesn’t just mean performing at your A-game during each gig.

Everyone in the music industry is connected somehow, so your reputation backstage will definitely be noted by producers. If you’re difficult to work with—be it failing to arrive at gigs, demanding too much on your rider, or generally being unpleasant—then it is likely that you won’t be getting the support you’ll need to make it big.

Keep Your Music Marketing Active

Music marketing is a continual process; just because you’ve sold your first album doesn’t mean you get to slow down. The greatest musicians keep their activities within the sphere of their audience—which includes constant appearances, playing at gigs, and creating advertisements.

If you slack off, then your music promotion can stall—which is deadly for your career. By keeping your brand active in the music industry, you won’t just capture bigger audiences, but you’ll also remain relevant to your peers in the industry as well.

Invest In Your Career

As with any industry, it remains true that you’ll have to invest time and resources to achieve the best results—and so it’s the same with music marketing. It’s an added expense that only gets bigger, but the returns will make it worth it.

To reach a bigger audience, you’ll have to continually pour money into your marketing strategies. The bigger your brand gets, the more support you’ll need to let it stay afloat—furthering the costs. This will, in turn, push you to the forefront of the music headlines, bringing you closer to the success that you’ve always been dreaming of.


Starting your music career is dependent on your marketing efforts. While utilizing online resources is a small step to take, it’s your first step towards taking control of your music career for your future.

If you’re looking for a way to kick-off your music career and get your music heard, then utilizing music marketing software is your best chance at success. Get in touch with us and jumpstart your music career today!