Modern Music Marketing 101: 4 Tips to Reach the Right Audience

By May 14, 2020Blog

Life has become easier for artists who do their own independent music promotion. There are various avenues to listeners looking for the next big thing. Besides record labels, tons of other industry influencers are also looking for indie artists, which makes it easier for up-and-coming artists to be get their music heard. However, with modern music marketing, there are now more things to keep in mind.

Modern music marketing

Modern music marketing is all about finding the right fans, and getting your music heard by influencers who can expose your music to a wider audience.

What gains traction now more than ever is hits and listens from Soundcloud, Spotify, and other music streaming services. In this article, we will share with you four tips for reaching listeners and letting your music be heard.

1. Subscribe and reach out to reviewers

Content reviewers for music engage with their followers and subscribers in the form of comprehensive album and single reviews through blog posts or vides. The best way to gain traction from your new releases is by reaching out to these content reviewers who may be interested in your type of music.

Use a search engine and type in your genre and the terms ‘blog list’ or ‘blog reviewer’ to find one that can give a valid and fair critique of your work. That, in turn, will lead to some much-needed exposure and objective analysis and advice for you to improve on your weak points and to excel on your strong points.

2. Join and follow social media groups

Besides researching similar artists’ connections and streaming profiles, you can also use social media to make your own mark through the various networks and communities that are available.

Social media platforms are the most accessible avenues to discover your specific niche. There are hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, which can help you land in a general demographic’s newsfeed. Business pages and group pages on Facebook are also effective ways to get into the communities that might be interested in the music that you make.

3. Network and socialize in live events

It’s easy to feel complacent being an online artist, but if you’re planning to head anywhere in your career, you’ll have to devote more time to local meet-ups and networking events. Remember that you’re not only selling your music, you’re also selling your identity as a performer.

You won’t always find the connections that you need when you’re looking for them. Attending networking events both for music and non-music-related events allows you to reach untapped demographics. People in social settings are much more willing to be introduced to a person’s hobbies and profession compared to interacting in front of a screen.

Sometimes a career track isn’t as straightforward as walking straight into a producer’s office. Meeting people allows you to make personal connections in networking and will enable you to expand your reach as an artist.

4. Use custom music marketing tools

As a self-made artist, you need to pursue both the quality of your music and the efficiency of running your brand. Many businesses and enterprises use digital tools to keep track of their business arrangements and company workflow in a more streamlined manner.

Artists can also make use of digital tools to optimize their workflow in reaching followers and tracking their progress. Use customized software, such as DropTrack, for sharing music with industry influencers and reaching your fans.


Now that there are more newcomers on the scene than ever who want to get their music heard, standing out beyond the thousands of artists out there can feel like an impossible obstacle. The key to breaking into the music industry is having the right people hear your music and see your identity as an artist.

We provide unique music marketing software which helps record labels and producers to connect with industry influences and expand their audience of fans. Contact us today to see how modern music marketing strategies will lead you to the right audience.