How to Get More Music Submissions

By October 1, 2020September 18th, 2023Blog

If you are receiving music or demo submissions using DropTrack, you might be wondering how you can increase exposure and get more submissions. If you’re not already using DropTrack to receive music submissions, learn more and sign up here. Here are some ways you can promote your music submission page.

Complete your profile

To ensure that you are listed in our public directory, make sure to turn on music submissions in your account and make sure “show in public directory” is checked.

Also be sure to fill out your Profile and Branding pages. Here you can add your website link and upload your logo. Visitors will see these before they decide to submit music.

Add instructions and set your Preferred Genres

If you have any special requirements for submissions, add them here. The genres also help users navigate and filter based on their music.

get more submissions, How to Get More Music Submissions

Share your submission page link

When you enable music submissions, your account will get a url that looks like https://noego.droptrack.com/demo/ or https://noego.droptrack.com/submit/. You can use the /demo or /submit paths interchangeably. This submission page is formatted to work perfectly on screens and devices of all sizes.

The best way to get more submissions is to share this link and let your audience know that you are ready to listen to their songs!

  • On your website
    • Click the “Get HTML Code” button on your Submission Settings page to copy code for a link to add to your website.
  • In social media posts
  • In social media private messages
  • In YouTube videos (link in the description)
  • SMS
  • In person / on a flyer or business card
  • Advertising, for example:
    • Facebook/Instagram Ads
    • Google Adwords
    • Reddit
    • Craigslist

Embed the submission form on your website

DropTrack provides embeddable HTML code so you can install the demo submission form within your own website. With this option, the user would stay on your website and never leave to go to DropTrack to submit their music to you. Click the “Get Embed Code” button on your Submission Settings page to copy the code to install on your website.

Paid Promotion Opportunities

DropTrack offers several opportunities for advertising which can help you reach our highly engaged audience of independent musicians and promote your submission page:

  • Featured Directory Promotion
  • Newsletter Ads
  • Dedicated Email Blasts

Learn more about Advertising on DropTrack