Getting the Most from DropTrack

By June 4, 2015April 12th, 2020Blog

DropTrack helps you manage your relationships with music industry contacts, and provides a complete toolset for sharing and marketing digital music. Depending on your goals, you can employ one or more of our features to enhance your music marketing strategy. DropTrack offers many powerful benefits suited for music producers and record labels, and this guide should serve as a quick overview.


The most basic feature of DropTrack is the ability to upload your music, store it all in a centralized place, and access it from anywhere, on any device. You can:

  • Upload MP3 or WAV files directly from your computer or from your Dropbox account. In addition, you can import tracks from Soundcloud or your own web server.
  • Assign metadata to each track, including Genre, Key, and BPM.
  • Make tracks public and share them with a unique link.


DropTrack helps you manage your relationships with music industry contacts. Like a customer relationship management (CRM) system, you can organize and keep track of your Contacts’ personal and social details.

  • Each Contact gets their own personalized promo link.
  • You can add Contacts one at a time, or import them in bulk from a spreadsheet.
  • Contacts can be sorted and grouped into Contact Lists.
  • You can send music to a specific segment of your Contacts – Segment by activity or demographics (read more about Segments)


In order to share your tracks, you can add them to a Playlist, along with album artwork, a press release, and any other photos or documents you’d like. Each playlist is presented with a responsive web player, album artwork, and any optional HTML widget code.

Playlist Links

You can share each Playlist with multiple short link URLs, each with their own unique tracking code.

  • With this feature, you can easily share the same music to multiple channels, and track the reach of each.
  • You can view analytics including Views, Plays, and Downloads for each Playlist Link.
  • Each Playlist Link has its own privacy settings; you can toggle on/off enabling downloads or social sharing.

Download Gate (Free Download in Exchange for Email Signup)

With DropTrack, you can give away your music in exchange for collecting an email address. This is a great tool to build your email list; the best channel for direct marketing.


When you use DropTrack for your digital music promotions, we can tell you detailed analytics about your audience and how they’re engaging with your music. We’ll tell you who has listened to your music, how far into your song(s) they listened, if they downloaded it, and more.

Learn more about Starting Your First Campaign

Demo/Promo Submissions

Consolidate your A&R management with DropTrack. You can keep track of all of your demo and promo submissions in one place.

  • Receive submissions from a personalized page, or directly from your Facebook page.
  • Each demo/promo submission is complete with the submitter’s full name and contact information.
  • You can quickly favorite or archive tracks, and filter submissions accordingly.

Signup Forms

You can use DropTrack as a replacement for your mailing list – or as your only mailing list!

  • Link your leads and fans to a personalized Signup Form, or embed a form on your own website.
  • Each new Contact who signs up will be grouped automatically based on the Signup Form they completed.
  • You can optionally redirect new contacts to a custom URL after signup.


Last but not least, be sure to update your profile and customize the look and feel of your account. You can change the color scheme and add custom HTML code to the header and footer of your DropTrack pages. Some example uses of HTML code are Google Analytics tracking code or a Retargeting pixel.

Thanks again for joining DropTrack, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have getting started.