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Our Process


First, we need to know about your music – what is your genre, which artists sound similar, and what are your goals.

Then, we search for opportunities that:

  • Would be a good fit for your music
  • Align with your goals
, Done For You
, Done For You

Develop a Pitch

With your input, we come up with outreach pitches tailored to your music and goals.

Outreach + Music Placement

We run the outreach campaigns, testing different strategies along the way.

For all placements and opportunities, we first qualify them to make sure they meet your goals before sending them your way.

, Done For You
, Done For You

"Louisiana" Claude Hitt


"With my busy schedule, DropTrack makes submitting my tunes to the music industry manageable and easy. They handle all the promotion, and in one month my music was added to several playlists which resulted in 17,000 streams!"

Custom Plans

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  • Get your music on playlists
  • Get radio airplay
  • Get signed to a label
  • Get press coverage
  • Get film/tv show placements
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Yes we do! We will make sure that your music gets pitched for opportunities that are a good fit for your audience.

That depends. We evaluate each client independently and assess what can realistically be expected given the type of music and the market.

Yes! That’s definitely something that we can do.

We have years of experience in the music industry and we are always improving our marketing strategies and targeting techniques.

No. DropTrack does not take a percentage or a commission. DropTrack does not participate in your deals. Your music and contact information are the only material we forward to the people in the industry, so they will contact you directly when they’re interested. The deals you make will be between you and them. We’ll be happy to refer you to an excellent music attorney if you need one.

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