How to Accept Demos and Get Paid for Listening

By November 14, 2017Blog

With DropTrack, you can accept demos and optionally get paid for listening.

Get Paid for Listening

If I had a nickel for every demo I’ve listened to…

You’re already listening to demos, now you can get paid for it. Unlock a new revenue stream!

  • The quality of your submissions will improve; you can filter by those who believe in their music enough to put money behind it.
  • You can name your own price. $1, $20; the price is up to you.
  • This feature is completely optional. You can still use DropTrack to receive demo submissions, completely free.

How To Enable Demo Submissions

1. In your DropTrack account, visit the Demo Settings page.
If you don’t already have a DropTrack account, click here: Sign up to receive music submissions

2. If not already enabled, click Enable Submissions and press Save Changes

3. Now you can edit settings for your demo submissions, and use our links and embeddable HTML Code to drive traffic to your submission page. You can specify submission instructions, get notified when a new song is submitted, set a limit on the number of submitted tracks, set your preferred genres, and toggle your appearance in the public directory.

Note: For the best visibility in the public directory, be sure to edit your branding and upload your logo!

4. To enable paid submissions, toggle “Get paid to listen“.

You can specify whether payment is Optional or Required, and name your price per submission.