4 Tips To Get Your Music Career On Track

By May 25, 2020Blog

Starting a music career is quite difficult, despite how easy many popular musicians make it out to be. While there is definitely such a thing as a “lucky break,” the path taken behind it is often filled more with effort and legwork rather than actual “dumb luck.”

One of the basic questions a budding artist will ask is how to get their music heard. The preparations necessary to take this action require a lot more planning and preparation than one would think. Before jumping to marketing music, taking a step back to visualize your music career can help guide your path.

To help you in this journey, here are four tips to get your music career on the track of success.

Tip #1. Plan From The End

Many think that the best way to achieve a goal is to start working from the bottom to the top, working with what you have for now, and thinking of the end-goal later on. For music careers, however, this is a sure way to get you stuck in a rut. Without some advanced planning—and risk-taking, of course—you’re assured to take longer to achieve your success.

Instead, think if where you want to end up and work backward from there. Set the specific goals you need to reach the endpoint from the endpoint, and list down what’s required to achieve each goal. With a clearer picture in mind, you can become more objective with your decisions, acting toward the future rather than coasting toward it.

Tip #2. Set Realistic Goals

While working with the end goal in mind can help guide you toward it, it’s also the easiest way to get stuck in a delusion. Although it’s good to dream lofty, staying grounded in reality is the only way to actually get to the endpoint you want.

When setting goals, make sure they are realistic and doable. Having goals that are too lofty or impractical can end up being heartbreaking for you, thus ending your music career prematurely out of frustration.

Tip #3. Train and Practice, Always

Being able to create and play music is a talent and those talents should be honed to perfection. For the gifted few, playing well comes naturally, but there’s always room for improvement to work on for musicians—even outside of actually playing music.

Taking on numerous gigs and speaking with lots of influencers and labels isn’t just simply “paying your dues,” it’s practice for when you achieve your goals. Being a musician isn’t only about the capability of playing music, it’s about interacting with people around your industry and safely navigating toward the success you’re setting out to accomplish.

Tip #4. Get a Mentor

One of the best ways to keep you on track is to get a mentor to help you with your career. There is no one way to succeed, and navigating the industry is extremely confusing if done alone. With a mentor, they won’t just have the contacts you’ll need to survive, but they’ll also have the experience and know-how to help you achieve your goals with the skills that you have.


Promoting your music to get your music career started is merely one step to a bigger process—and it’s not even the first step. By following through on these simple tips to guide you, you can jump-start your career and ease your music marketing strategy in the long run.

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