4 Tips To Get DJs To Play Your Songs

By February 10, 2022March 31st, 2023Blog

So you’ve created an amazing track and sent it out for the world to enjoy. Congratulations. What’s next? Getting people to play and listen to the track, of course. Recording the music is just the beginning. Now you have to put yourself out there and make sure people know your music exists. 

And what better way to get listening ears for your music than to have it play in the hottest clubs, bars, and parties in town? Imagine the crowd going wild while the DJ puts on your song. But for that, you need to impress the DJ first. DJs often get a lot of tracks and albums sent to them, and don’t really get the time to go through each one. 

Here are 4 quick tips on how you can make your music stand out and get DJs to play your songs every time. 

1. Choose DJs that can associate with your music

When sending out music, you need to be cautious about who you’re sending it out to. What kind of DJ’s are you targeting? Ideally, your DJ list should match the kind of music you’re making. All DJs have a different style, and like to play different types of music at gigs, which is why you have to make sure your music is going out to the right kind of DJs. 

Make sure to do your research before sending out your tracks. Shortlist the ones who play sets that would blend well with your music. If you can, try to analyze their overall vibe, as well as the type of gigs they play, to see if your music would be a good fit for them. A DJ is much more likely to play a track that fits in well with their set, rather than a song that is completely different from their go-to genre. 

2. Send customized emails 

The first thing you need to do is know who to reach out to. Make a list of all the relevant DJs who might be interested in the kind of music you make, and gather their contact information. A lot of popular DJs have their contact information available online, so it should be easy to extract a few personal email addresses. 

Once you have your email list, send each a personalized email that sets you apart from the crowd. Remember that DJs get multiple emails everyday, so yours has to be interesting on first glance enough to grab their attention. Talk about your music, what you’re sending them, and why you want them to play your music. A personal email will be a lot more valuable to a DJ than an email blast sent to 50 others. 

3. Create an album cover that is representative of your music

When you’re trying to get people to notice and play your music, it’s not just enough to produce good tracks and expect people to appreciate them at face value. You have to work hard to create an overall vibe for your music too. 

A great way to do this is to create your own custom album cover for your tracks. An album cover acts as a visual representation of your music, which is why it needs to not only be eye-catching and attractive, but also truly representative of the kind of vibe you’re trying to portray to the audience you’re sending it out to. You can easily incorporate all of these factors into your custom-made album cover by creating one on an online design tool like PosterMyWall’s album cover maker. 

A good album cover should have your musician or band name at the very top so that it is easily visible and recognizable. It should also have imagery that matches the vibe of your music. For instance, if you produce party songs, try going for a fun, bright colored cover. If you produce rap music, solid colors like black, gray, and yellow would work as well. Add in some imagery to make it more appealing. As an additional detail, you can also include a small quote, phrase, or description that you or your fanbase associates with your music. This will help you showcase the vibe of your songs whenever you send it out to DJs. 

4. Promote their work too

Every musician loves free publicity, because it means more people get the chance to listen to their music. And this is no different for DJs. If an up-and-coming DJ is performing at a local club, party, or festival, they would want to get the word out as much as they can. 

This is where you come in. Use your social media presence and fanbase to incentivize the DJs to play the tracks you send out to them. Once you send out a customized email to a DJ containing a personalized message, your aesthetically pleasing album, and your track list, be sure to let them know that you will be marketing this collaboration. 

If a DJ agrees to play your songs, create some attention-grabbing DJ flyers and post them on your social media posts and stories. Add the DJ’s name and a recognizable picture along with yours. Be sure to mention that they will be playing your music, and add details of their event to encourage people to go. This will also incentivize other DJs to partner with you and play your music. 

Final thoughts

Creating music is hard. But making sure your music is heard and liked after you create it is harder. Follow these tips to make sure your music goes out to all the right DJs so they can help you publicize your talent and increase your fanbase. 

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